Watercolor Poppy Heart Notecard Printable

Thank you cards have always been a part of my life.  My parents stressed the value of taking time to hand write notes for gifts and acts of kindness. My mom actually got a full scholarship to the University of Arizona because she was the only person to write a thank you letter after a college interview.  How cool is that?!!

When I was younger, I definitely didn't appreciate the importance of writing thank you cards but I definitely appreciate it now! It's a value I'm passing on to my son but generally it seems to be a lost art today. 

With Christmas over, it's time again to get out some pretty cards and write thank yous for all the thoughtful gifts we received.

Some of you might know the poppy flower holds a special place in my heart so I decided to design a note card featuring watercolor poppies to make my thank yous even more personal.


Using Canva, I started by selecting a heart shaped element.  Next, using watercolor flowers found at DLolleys Help and Fox and Hazel, I filled in the heart with the assorted poppies I downloaded piecing them together like a puzzle.

Gandhi's quote "Where there is LOVE there is life" was the perfect finishing touch. And now these will also be perfect Valentine's Day cards! 

See how pretty it turned out and download your FREE printable Poppy Heart thank you card template here. Simply print on card stock, cut in half vertically and fold to create two note cards.

I'm excited to send out this batch of thank you cards since they are so special to me.  I hope you love them too!  

P.S.  Triple Threat is a veteran and reminded me these would be great for Remembrance Day too!