How to Update a Mirror With Paint

This gold mirror was an $8 steal at a local thrift store.  Don't you just love it when that happens?!  Leo, the cutest photobombing fur boy, is even admiring it.  

Gorgeous style but the brassy gold needed some severe toning down.

I really, really wanted to paint the mirror in shades of gray and silver.  However, it was going in a guest bedroom with brown, blue, black and gold in the decor.  Should I ever invest in changing everything, this mirror is definitely getting painted in shades of silver!

I started by dry brushing the entire mirror with Lamp Black by General Finishes.  

Just adding the black toned down the brassy gold but it still needed a little something else.  I found some metallic bronze by Modern Masters in my stash, so I brushed a little of it here and there.

The result was kind of a tortoiseshell vibe, which was perfection for the guest room.

Toning down the mirror with bronze and black really helped coordinate all the colors beautifully together.  Such a lovely room that never gets used!  Anyone want to come stay with us?  We're perfect hosts.

If you have a piece of home decor that doesn't match your style anymore, PAINT IT!  This was a quick and easy afternoon project and those are the best kind.  Less than an hour after starting, this restyled mirror was back on the wall better than ever.  

I hope this post inspires you to give something you already own a makeover!  And if you do, please share it with me!