Antique Telephone Table Makeover

My Dad, the finder of lost things, came across this curbside telephone table waiting to be picked up for bulk trash.  He couldn't get it home fast enough because he knew I would be able to give it a proper makeover and save it from dumpster doom. 

Considering its age, the telephone table was in excellent shape except for the missing seat.  I figured this would be a simple makeover but things aren't always as they seem...

We discovered the back was not real wood like the rest of the bench after removing it and it started to disintegrate.   

Triple Threat traced the original back onto plywood and cut out a perfectly solid new one. We were replacing the fabric but were able to keep the original foam since it was the exact size and shape we needed.

After Triple Threat started building a replacement for the missing seat, he decided it would be much easier to create a single bench seat instead of filling in the missing spot. He also ended up needing a new router bit to match the existing edge but he was happy to add to his tool collection.

I painted the bench using General Finishes Persian Blue before the new seat was built.  Since it was easily removed, I was able to paint it and then attach it later.

For the finishing touch, I glazed the telephone bench with Van Dyke Brown to add extra richness and depth. 

The bench sold almost immediately once posted and the new owner chose a French script fabric, which seemed like a perfect fit for a gossip-style bench.

The replacement seat is a perfect fit and having it all one piece is so much better than the original.

Do you think the original owners would want it back if they saw it now?!!!

Although my dad was sad we ended up replacing the fabric, the updated telephone table is so much more current but still has a vintage vibe. 

I'm thrilled this curbside castaway now has a new life with many more years to come.  I'm sure my Dad will come across more treasures for me to restyle so stay tuned!