Restoration Hardware-Inspired Periodic Element Art

Our major project for the summer is finishing my 8-year-old's bigger big boy room.  He has always loved the Periodic Table so I knew I wanted to incorporate some of the Elements as artwork.

I found these periodic element posters at Restoration Hardware Baby & Child but at $109 EACH, I decided to make my own version.



I decided to use Barium (Ba) and Thorium (Th) to spell our BaTH since the art would be hanging in his bathroom.  Clever, huh?  

Using PicMonkey, I created the images to transfer onto canvases. These are FREE for you to download.

I found this extra fabric leftover from another project and decided to wrap each canvas with it. Before tracing the image onto the fabric, I ironed and starched it.

After wrapping the fabric around each canvas, I used my upholstery stapler to attach to the back of the frame.

With my Silhouette, I created a stencil and filled in the design with black craft paint and a black Sharpie for the finer details. If you don't have a Silhouette, images can be transferred using many other methods. 

After the stencil design was complete, I decided to add to add a little extra glam with some upholstery nail heads I already had in my stash.

The nail heads were easy to push through the fabric and canvas and definitely added a little extra glitz.

We already had these whitewashed frames and they were perfect for the Restoration Hardware-inspired periodic element art. 

We're in the process of painting my son's bathroom so I can't hang his element artwork yet but I am thrilled how they turned out. 

The original Restoration Hardware version would have cost $218 for the set.  My DIY version only cost $5 (for two 11 x 14 canvases) since I already had the other materials.  Even if you purchased all the supplies, the savings is significant!  

Any of the periodic elements could be used with this same design.  You could even create a gallery wall with some of them!