Painted Metal Cabinet Makeover

One day while searching Craigslist for drawers, an ad for this metal file cabinet popped up. Since I wasn't even looking for this type of project, it was obviously serendipity.  This metal cabinet needed me and I couldn't pass up giving it a little furniture CPR.  

Even though it was dirty and had been forgotten about for years in a warehouse, I saw the potential beyond the dirt, permanent marker and rust.

First things first.  It needed a good scrubbing so I grabbed a spray bottle of 50/50 denatured alcohol/water and got to work. I used a fine grit sanding block to help remove the layer of grime and grease and get the surface smooth and ready for painting.

You might have noticed there are lots of drawers.  Thirty-three to be exact. Every single one was removed and cleaned thoroughly.  To make sure I put them back in the right spot, I numbered each drawer with a small piece of painter's tape.  Just a little tip in case one of these babies comes across your path one day.  I'm helpful that way.  :)

After a good cleaning, I sprayed the entire cabinet, including hardware, with Rustoleum gray primer .  

Most projects have some sort of obstacle that turns into a victory or learning experience. In this case, the hardware was rivited on and couldn't be removed to paint separately.  No biggie..  After the cabinet was primed and and ready, I sprayed all the hardware with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze.  My favorite go-to hardware spray paint.  Over spray onto the body of the cabinet didn't matter since I would be hand painting it anyway. 

Epic fail on my part for not taking pictures during these middle steps.  {Sigh}. Sometimes my excitement while being immersed in a project takes over and I forget to document everything.  

I wanted a soft, neutral color and General Finishes Persian Blue was the perfect choice.  I topped it off with Van Dyke glaze .  

To provide maximum protection and durability, I sealed the metal cabinet with Arm-R-Seal in Satin after painting and glazing.

We added swivel casters to give height and mobility since this is one heavy solid steel cart.  

Take a look at the metal cart now.  With all those drawers, I would totally use this as a jewelry cart, wouldn't you?!     

With a little paint and an open mind, this metal cart was rescued from a life of neglect in a dark warehouse.  Makes me happy knowing I resuscitated yet another discarded treasure.

I hope you'll stay with me for my next furniture CPR adventure...who knows what I'll discover!

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