Ombre Coffee Filter Wreath And Backdrop

As part of the Hospitality Team at my son's school, during Valentine's week each grade level donates treats and goodies on a designated day.  I needed to come up with inexpensive decor for the teacher lounge and food table. A project that is just up my alley! 

If you remember my project last week, the DIY Soda Crate, was for the teacher lounge as well.  I love being able to volunteer my creativity to the school! 

After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to make a backdrop for the table so there would still be plenty of room for all the sweet treats.

To make the backdrop, I started with a project board from the Dollar Store and covered it with red and white chevron wrapping paper I bought there too.  

I already had a stash of cone coffee filters on hand so I grabbed a stack and got to work. To make the ombre wash, I added a few drops of  red craft paint to a bowl of water and mixed well.   

I dipped the ends of the coffee filters in the ombre wash a stack at a time.  Using my finger I smeared a bit of red paint on the rim of several of the filters to create dimension. I spread them out on a piece of cardboard overnight to let them dry.

To start the wreath, I glued a paper doily heart in the middle of the display board as a template for the shape. Then I twisted the coffee filters into petal designs and hot glued each filter around the outline of the doily heart. My fingers are recovering from all the burns I got from my new industrial glue gun. A small price to create beautiful things. 

After finding these Anthropologie-inspired letters HERE, I created two banners as the finishing touch for the backdrop.

Ombre coffee filter backdrop_after.jpg

I'm excited to see the teacher's reactions to my ombre wreath backdrop. This is definitely pretty enough decor for the PTA to use again.  Isn't there a saying about "waste not, want not?"  I'm kinda wishing the wreath was removable so I could hang above my fireplace.  Sounds like a project for another day.....  :)