Metal Ribbon Pumpkins

I'm so excited to share this simple craft with you today!  If you remember my Pottery Barn-inspired industrial table , I used metal ribbon to accent the apron.  Ever since, I've been brainstorming other ways I could use that metal ribbon on another project.  

Since I've been decorating for fall, pumpkins are on my mind.  While crafting my faux-mercury glass pumpkin topiaries, I realized I might be able to make pumpkins using my metal ribbon.  


To create the metal ribbon pumpkin, you will need 6-8 metal rings.  The diameter of your rings will determine pumpkin size. Wrap the metal ribbon around a large glass to measure the diameter of circles you want. Once you've measured the diameter, cut the desired length and use hot glue to adhere together.


Take two of the rings and hot glue together to form the middle of the pumpkin. Next, add three rings to each side and secure with twine or twisty tie.  I actually used a small piece of leftover metal ribbon to wrap around the middle of the small pumpkin.


Cut off a few sprigs of the holiday floral piece, add a generous amount of hot glue and insert in center of pumpkin.

Using different styles and sizes of metal ribbon, I made two pumpkins.  I ran out of the larger metal ribbon so this pumpkin only has six rings. At some point, I'll probably go back and add a few rings to make it a little fuller. More is more!

 Don't you just LOVE these metal ribbon pumpkins?  I hope you're inspired to try it out!  


  • Metal ribbon (available at Hobby Lobby)
  • Christmas floral pick to use as stem
  • Glue gun
  • Twine or twisty ties

Look how these faux mercury glass pumpkins accent the metal ribbon ones perfectly! 

There are so many versions of these pumpkins you can make.  Try accenting them with strings of crystals.  You could also age the metal to give them a vintage feel.  If you come up with your own version, please share with me.  I'd love to see what you come up with!