Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover

I came across this dresser at a garage sale and it is almost a twin to my son's MCM dresser that started out looking like ketchup & mustard from a previous paint job.  If you missed that Restoration-Hardware style makeover, you can find it here!  

I started by removing all the drawers and sanding the body of the dresser.  It didn't take long to remove the original finish so it was a dream project!  

Next, I stained the shell of the dresser with General Finishes Java gel stain.  I wanted to stay true to the MCM style with a mixture of stain and paint.  

The drawers were then painted with a base coat of General Finishes Driftwood. 

Since this dresser was so similar to the one I restyled for my son's Bigger Big Boy Room, I recreated the layered Restoration Hardware-style finish I did before.  When I was ready to add the first coast of glaze, I realized I was completely out of Van Dyke Brown.  So, I got creative and used Minwax walnut stain instead.  Did you know you can glaze with stain?!!  It gave me the same results but did take longer to dry. 

After the walnut stain glaze was completely dry, I added a layer of General Finishes Winter White glaze. This is one of my new favorite finishes since it creates a true weathered driftwood appearance. 

Just like we did on my son's dresser, we wanted to remove the box frame the dresser sat on and add feet instead. I know all those spider webs are disgusting but I didn't bother cleaning them off since that part was coming off anyway.  

I chose these modern dresser feet from Osborne Wood Products.  Before mounting, I stained them with one coat of Java gel. 

Triple Threat attached the new feet by adding a small wooden brace for support. 

After I found these modern knobs at Hobby Lobby and posted on my Facebook page, one of my readers told me they reminded her of a finger in a ring.  I LOVED the knobs but couldn't get that image out of my head.  LOL! So, I decided to stain them with Java gel to darken them up to match the shell of the dresser.  Much better, right?

The dresser seems so much richer and fancy now with a darker stained top. 

This look is so similar to a Restoration Hardware piece but for a fraction of the cost and probably much better quality. 

If we had room, I'd keep this since it's almost a perfect match to the other MCM dresser I refinished for my son.  Although I'll admit this was a a much easier project since I wasn't having to strip enamel paint. 

While the change isn't as drastic as the ketchup & mustard dresser, it really is a classic, timeless piece now. 

I'm moving on to another project so I hope you'll come back to see what I've restyled next!