Lazy Susan Converted Table

Recently a talented group of ladies asked me to join their Monthly Themed Furniture group. Totally flattering and a wee bit nerve wracking working on my inaugural piece.  

I found this lazy susan at a thrift store for $5.  I wasn't sure what I would do with it at the time but I knew it would be repurposed somehow. When I found out this month's themed makeover was small tables, I knew exactly how to use it.

I felt guilty sanding off this hand-painted art but it didn't jive with my vision so it had to go. Sorry Linda wherever you are!

A table needs legs and the 21" version of these  tapered ones from Lowe's were just right at under $5 each. 

Rope accents on furniture seems to be huge right now so I decided to use sisal around the legs.

Triple Threat {Handy, Handsome, Helpful} hubby used his trusty compass to find the perfect center point for each leg.

Sanding is much easier with the legs attached.  Anything to make that part easier, right? To compliment the industrial chic look I was going for, I used my tea & vinegar staining method from my DIY Yardstick Bottle Opener

This is one of my new favorite finishes.  It's the perfect weathered wood look, don't you think? 

I'm pretty sure I have blisters from Sisal wrapping and glue gun overuse.  It's a simple process but is a little time consuming. I started at the top, securing the first piece with glue and adding more with each row of rope. 

As a finishing touch for my chemistry loving son, I stenciled the periodic table symbol for Gold {with the extra 'Good As'} on the top.

This is the perfect bedside table for a small space. 

I love being able to use a $5 thrift store find for my son's bigger big boy room makeover.  It's a work in progress but I'll be sharing more on that this summer.

Breathing a sigh of relief on the outcome of my first themed makeover, which I think was a success!  Next up, scroll through all the makeovers from the rest of the group!