DIY Headboard Pew-Style Bench

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Pure & Original Paint..  It contains affiliate links so you can find the products I'm sharing easily. All opinions about these products are  entirely my own. Please see full disclosure policy here.

I'm excited to share my DIY Headboard Pew-Style Bench today, which is part of The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest. Our sponsor is Pure & Original Paints, which means I got to try a beautiful new line of chalky paint. 

Our theme is Pure Colors, Original Elegance and selecting two colors for my project was no easy task with their stunning palette of 118 colors!  I chose Green Room and Seafoam since my project would most likely be used outdoors. 

This girl's headboard and foot board set has been sitting in my attic for a few years waiting for its turn in the DIY lineup.  I've always envisioned it as a bench and this contest was the perfect opportunity to finally do it. 

Triple Threat started by cutting the foot board in half and attaching each side to the headboard.  

Next, he added a frame to support the new seat. 

Then Triple Threat cut knotty pine boards with a chamfer beveled edge and glued them in place. He also rounded over the lip of the seat so there wouldn't be a sharp edge cutting into someone's leg when sitting on it. 

After applying the first coat of Green Room, which went on velvety smooth,  I realized it was more blue than the green I wanted.  It's a beautiful shade of blue for sure but I had my heart set on green.  

Using a custom lime green I had in my paint stash, I made a wash by diluting the paint with water and then sponged it over the entire bench. Still not the finish I imagined, so I dry brushed on Seafoam for the 3rd coat.  Now, I was getting somewhere.  These colors were blending together beautifully. 

I decided to stain the seat to enhance the rustic look of the knotty pine.  I love layering paint and stain for dimension so the first coat was Early American followed by Walnut. 

Headboard bench without glaze sideview.jpg

Although I could have stopped with the 3-layer finish, I decided it needed some antiquing glaze to give it a weathered, patina appearance. 

Perfection patina right there, folks!  All the layers of lovely blues and greens blended together are exactly what I had in mind. 

The colors in this bench compliment the outdoor setting so well!

Those rain boots belong to my son, who will outgrow them anytime now.  I love the bright blue against the bench and rustic wood.

Although the Pure & Original Paint doesn't require a top coat, I will apply one rated for outdoor use so it will hold up to the elements.  In Texas, that could be rain, snow or ice all in one week.  Don't's happened before.  

After being stored for years in the attic, I'm so happy this headboard set is getting a new life as a pew-style bench. 

I love trying new products, especially when they give pieces a flawless, professional finish. If you want to try Pure & Original Paint, you can order it here. And if you try it, please let me know what you think!

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