Curbside Dresser Makeover with Stain and Chalky Paint

If you've ready several of my posts, you probably know that my Dad is the finder of lost things. Somehow, he manages to find the most amazing pieces of furniture as curbside castaways on bulk trash days.  This Kincaid Hepplewhite dresser was one of those pieces.   

When my dad called to let me know there was a nice wood dresser on the curb, I immediately sent Triple Threat to pick it up. Once he arrived, Triple Threat calls to inform me that it wasn't anything special and he thought we should just leave the dresser.  {Crazy, I know!}

I insisted he sent a picture so I could make that decision myself.  I knew the INSTANT I took a look at this image below there was no way I was leaving that on the curb.  

Bless Triple Threat's heart, right?!!!!

And here's what this fantastic dresser looked like when he brought it home and we put the drawers in.  Can you deal that Triple Threat even considered leaving this???!!!!

It was in really good shape except for this gouge on the edge of the top.  

I knew that gouge wouldn't be a problem with my Secret CPR weapon.  You can read all about it here.  Because I wanted to stain the top, I added a little bit of the color I would use (Antique Walnut) to the mixture I used to repair the hole.

See how nicely the gouge is filled in now?

Once it was dry, I used my orbital sander on the entire top starting with 80# and ending with #220 for a super smooth finish.  

To keep with the classic Hepplewhite style, I decided on a walnut top with painted black bottom.  

Triple Threat sure changed his mind about this not being anything special when he saw the finished makeover. 

I find it unbelievable this stunning dresser was found curbside.  I am so smitten with it, I'm going to have a really hard time parting with it. 

If it doesn't find a forever home, I'll take that as a sign we're meant to keep it.  {WINK, WINK}

This was the last piece of furniture I've had stored in my garage and Triple Threat can finally park inside, which is perfect timing for winter.  He's ecstatic but I'm a little sad I don't have a new piece to start.  

Don't worry...I'm sure my Dad will hook me up soon...