10 Beautiful Upcycled Furniture Projects

Repurposing furniture is the backbone of my business.  Today I'm sharing some of my talented friend's upcycled projects.  

You'll find 10 unique pieces I find inspiring and I hope you do too.  To see more detail on each piece, simply click on the link to learn more.

1.  Prodigal Pieces - Sewing Machine Re-imagined into Farmhouse-style Table 

2.  Confessions of a Serial DIYer - Thrift Store Headboard/Footboard into Tiffany Blue Bench

3. H2O Bungalow - Metal Baker's Rack Wooden Shelf Upcycle

4. Our Southern Home - Upcycled Menu Board from Table Top

5.  Restoration Redoux - Tube TV turned Dog Bed

6. Patina Paradise - Bread Box Turned Crafting Station

7. The Interior Frugalista - Headboard Restyled into Leather Bench

Headboard to leather bench Collage.jpg

8. Artsy Chicks Rule - Coffee Table to Tufted Ottoman

9. The Chelsea Project - Armoire To Kitchen Cabinet

10. Highstyle Restyle - China Cabinet Turned Industrial Apothecary Cabinet

Do you have a favorite here?  If so, I'd love to hear which one stole your heart.