DIY Mop and Broom Rack

In case you missed my Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover, you can see the full reveal HERE

As part of the makeover, we needed a storage solution for our mops & brooms because it was not a pretty sight before we got started.  Ugh.

mop wall before.jpg

While out shopping at Kirklands, I spotted this wall organizer and the idea light bulb went off on a design for a mop/broom rack. 


Last school year, we built a pallet wall organization station for our son's teacher and used the IKEA FINTORP buckets and rails to store supplies. I knew system this would also be perfect to mimic my inspiration piece for our mop and broom rack!



Triple Threat started by building a frame out of pine that would fit the needed space and the 31" FINTORP rails. 

Frame for Mop Rack.jpg

Once the frame was finished, I applied one coat of Minwax stain in Early American. When the stain was fully dry, I put a polyurethane topcoat to protect the finish.  This step was extremely important to protect the wood from warping since it would be in a damp laundry room.  

Stained frame_Mop Rack.jpg

I found this artwork that reminded me of an old washboard for over the new laundry sink during my Kirkland's shopping trip.  It inspired me to use corrugated metal sheeting as the backing for the mop & broom rack. 

Art inspiration.jpg

Triple Threat got an 8' panel of corrugated steel at Home Depot, which was almost a perfect size for this project. He almost cut the tip of his finger off cutting it down to size so wear gloves while handling!  

He attached the corrugated panel by adding a small wood rim to the back of the frame and pin nailing the metal to it. 

Finally, Triple Threat mounted the two FINTORP rails, added the buckets and mounted to the walls on the studs to make sure it was completely sturdy.

Laundry room mop wall after full.jpg

After hanging the Mop & Brook Rack, the wall above it seemed a little empty.  I know I could have made something but I'm still not fully mobile with a fractured foot.  Instead, I found the perfect Laundry Room sign online at World Market.  It was exactly the finishing touch this wall needed!

Modern Farmhouse Mop Broom Rack.jpg

In case you want to build one for yourself, here's a list of needed supplies:

  • 3-12' Pine boards
  • 8' corrugated steel panel
  • 2-FINTORP 31" rails
  • 1-pack of 3" FINTORP hooks
  • 1-pack of 4" FINTORP hooks
  • FINTORP bucket of your choice
  • Stain
  • Polyurethane

This new Mop & Broom Rack makes me so happy when I'm in the laundry room because it's pretty and keeps all my supplies organized. If you are inspired by this project, I hope you'll PIN and share it!  

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