Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover

If you're familiar with the children's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, or any others in the Laura Numeroff series, that process is exactly what happened in my laundry room makeover.

If you get a new sink, you have to get new countertops.  If you paint the walls, you have to paint the dingy cabinets. If you buy a new bench, you have to build a new wall organizer.  

We've been wanting to spruce up our laundry room for awhile but it kept getting pushed down on the priority list.  When BLANCO offered me the opportunity to partner with them on the makeover, I couldn't say YES fast enough!

Let's start by a taking a look at the laundry room before the makeover.  I didn't realize how the boring builder's beige had quietly taken over the entire room. 

Laundry sink area_before.jpg

With no great way to store my brushes, I just left them in a disposable container. Because I am constantly washing out my paintbrushes, the cheap, plastic sink had become a disgusting, stained mess. No matter what kind of cleaning product I used (EVERYTHING), the sink wouldn't come clean.  

Laundry sink_before.jpg

All our cleaning tools were crammed on this hook rack and we hung the extra mop cloths on it to dry.  Functional but definitely not pretty. 

Laundry room_mop wall before.jpg

This picture is not the best representation of a true 'before' shot.  It was normally covered with my son's art supplies and projects.  For some reason, I cleaned it off before taking the picture. Duh! 

Laundry room back counter_before.jpg

This side of the laundry room was the catch-all station.  Backpacks, shoes, dirty clothes hamper and school work display.  I'm mortified to admit the white plastic tub is full of school work that needs to be assembled into a scrapbook.  

Laundry room backpack wall_before.jpg

This hideous, peachy tile and dark grout has been a bone of contention since we bought the house.  I couldn't be more ready to kiss it goodbye!

Laundry room tile_before.jpg

Half-way through this makeover, I fractured my right foot but didn't realize it.  I kept painting cabinets and staining the wall organizers for three days while standing on a broken foot!!!  After getting the diagnosis, Triple Threat ordered me this crazy adaptive walker, called an iWalk.  

Here I am at Hobby Lobby picking out the hooks for the wall organizer. If I can finish this project wearing this crutch, anyone can accomplish these projects!  

Iwalk crutch.jpg

I started the makeover by painting the walls in Sherwin Williams Natural Tan in the matte finish. It lightened up the room so much I realized that our 'white' cabinets weren't so white.  

In true "if you paint the walls..." fashion, next up were the cabinets, which I painted in Sherwin Williams Pure White.  

Once all the painting was finished, the ugly, brown laminate countertops stood out like a sore thumb. There was no way we could install our beautiful new metallic gray LIVEN sink in brown laminate counters. 

So, that led me to researching new countertops.  As much as we wanted quartz, the high cost wasn't in our budget.  I stumbled on a DIY countertop kit that promised to mimic granite so I decided to give it a try.  {Coming soon: separate post about the countertop refinishing project.}

Can we just pause and admire this beautiful faux marble counter?

Laundry room_countertop closeup_after.jpg

Once the counters were finished, it was time for the crown jewel of the entire makeover...the LIVEN sink and ARTONA faucet! Triple Threat easily installed both in a matter of minutes. 



The faucet has a retractable pull-down sprayer!



One of the accessories BLANCO offers is the LIVEN sink basket.  I finally have a proper place to let my paint brushes dry. I am head over heels for all these BLANCO products. 



These laundry baskets I found at Big Lots were the perfect solution to the never ending pile of laundry thrown on the washer/dryer. With my new system, dirty clothes go in the basket on the washer; and clean clothes in the basket on the dryer. I'm telling you, I adore it already!  When clothes are dry, I simply pull down the empty basket and load them in. The beauty of this system is I don't always have to fold them right away but can at least take them to the proper room they belong. 

Laundry room_mop wall AFTER.jpg

The new art above the sink inspired this cleaning tool organizer.  Triple Threat built it out of pine boards and corrugated metal sheeting.  Then, he added the IKEA FINTORP rods for hanging brooms and dustpans.  The basket is perfect to store (and hide) the mop cloths. 

I'm digging that it's such an interesting focal point in the laundry room now.  

Laundry room mop wall after full.jpg

No more eye sore mop refills hanging from the hook rack.  Now we have a pretty place to hide them. 

Laundry room_mop wall closeup after.jpg

We got rid of our full size ironing board years ago but every once in awhile I actually need to iron something.  {Gasp!}  I found this adorable mini version at Tuesday Morning for $7.  It now doubles as a cute piece of decor behind the garment rack. 

Laundry room_ironing wall AFTER.jpg

To help organize art supplies that my son can easily reach, we used the same IKEA FINTORP system as our Classroom Pallet Wall Organizer



Even though this new floor looks like limestone, it's actually porcelain tile. It's timeless and neutral.  Triple Threat also installed new base boards and I painted them in Pure White to match the new cabinet color. 

Laundry room_New tile.jpg

The moment I saw this bench at Home Goods, it was the inspiration behind the entire redesign for the laundry room.  

Triple Threat amended Shanty 2 Chic's Rustic Modern Bed design to make the wall organizer behind the bench. 

Now, we have a beautiful way to organize our bags and shoes. 

Laundry room_organization wall_after.jpg

We decided to go with the black hooks because they accented the legs of the bench perfectly.  Thank you to everyone who voted on which ones we should use!

Laundry room_wall organizer closeup after.jpg

We are smitten with our new laundry room and can't believe how differently it looks in just a few short weeks. What a HUGE difference looking back at how it started. Definitely a BLAH to HURRAH makeover!

Laundry room makeover_before and after.jpg

Thank you for following along with this modern farmhouse makeover.  If you enjoyed these DIY projects, please share or pin for later.  

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Disclosure: I received compensation and materials for this project from BLANCO. All opinions I share about these products are entirely my own. Please see full disclosure policy here.